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We are fortunate to be one of the very few dance studios in the country that had the opportunity to compete this season. Since we will not be able to get the kids together again to perform these dances this season, I am proposing that we all go in on purchasing the group videos and photos from Fly. I am proposing this as a parent since Kylie has enough on her plate right now.


Here's how this would work:


For our 6 group dances (video and photos) the total comes to $308 (including tax).


If each family contributes, the cost per dancer/per dance is $11.40 so if your dancer is in 3 dances, you would contribute $34.20 and receive each full video and all of the photos from each of those dances (all digital).


I would still ask that you contribute to the regular recital video/individual photo shoot at the studio to help cover Kylie's costs. This is something that we parents are doing on our own, in addition to the Red Carpet Experience.


Here is the website for FLY if you are interested in seeing the photos and previewing the videos. FLY DANCE COMPETITION


There is a steep discount for every 6 routines (video + photos) so no matter which way we cut it, the girls' duet and N's solo would be full price ($77 per routine). So those two routines are not included in this cost share.


Please consider being involved in this so that we all have the best possible version of our kids' wonderful dances from this season. If everyone contributes, the cost is very reasonable for all of us. If cost is an issue, please note that in the form below and we'll work it out.



The per dance amount may change if not everyone contributes. I will update you if that is the case. The PayPal links below go directly to me and I will take care of ordering and paying for the videos/photos once I've heard from everyone.


Karla Palmersheim


Step 1: Review the total performances for your family


Kailey: Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical & Tap (4)

Ethan: Hip Hop and Trio (2)

Trailers: 6 total performances

Ian: Trio (1)

Eli: Trio (1)

Sogaards: 2 total performances






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