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Wearing a face mask is a new normal for many around the world. While no one particularly loves wearing a mask, we can find ways to make it easier.

Cover Clip does just that, it makes wearing and carrying your mask easier. In the few months since I started wearing a mask regularly I was constantly losing my mask or setting it down on a potentially contaminated surface. As my husband and I enjoyed our first "COVID" date recently, we awkwardly tried to figure out what to do with our masks while we ate. We watched people around us put their mask on their chin, set them on the table and regularly fiddle with their masks. I thought about all the unnecessary mask handling and we got to brainstorming a better way to "hold" masks.

Fold your mask in half
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Many people have been using lanyards, however, the mask then sits open right under your mouth. The inner part which we are all trying to keep contaminant-free, is exposed to droplets and then placed back on your face.

Cover Clip Mask Holders solve all these challenges. Your mask is folded in half, protecting the inner part from droplets. Your mask is not set on any surfaces, it is neatly clipped to your collar. Your mask is not floating around in your bag or your car. It is right on your person, ready to-wear.

Some great uses for Cover Clip Mask Holders:

  • Secure your mask while you exercise.

  • Keep track of you mask while you are driving.

  • Hold your mask while you eat at a restaurant.

  • Help your kids keep track of their mask while you are out and about.



If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please send feedback for a full refund. If your Cover Clip is faulty in any way, we will refund you, no questions asked. Text 952.996.9686 or email


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